Joined: Министерская сессия в Кируне, 2013

Кармине Робустелли, спец. представитель по вопросам Арктики
Министерство иностранных дел и международного сотрудничества
Главное управление по вопросам ЕС
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Featured Projects

Plastic litter on an Arctic coast. Photo: iStock/sodar99

Arctic Marine Microplastics and Litter

AMAP is developing a monitoring plan for microplastics and litter in Arctic waters.

Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON)

SAON's vision is a connected, collaborative, and comprehensive long-term pan-Arctic Observing System that serves societal needs. SAON's mission is to facilitate, coordinate, and advocate for...

Interview with Arctic Council Observer: Italy

Italy has had Observer status in the Arctic Council since 2013. As an Observer, Italy can contribute to the Arctic Council through meeting attendance, providing scientifi...
11 Mar 2020
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