Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances and Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases at Fish and Seafood Processing Enterprises


  • Transferring ozone and climate-safe technologies to onshore fish and sea food processing enterprises that use hydrochlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment;
  • Transferring knowledge to enterprises engaged in repair and after-sales service of onboard refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in the Murmansk oblast;
  • initiating conversion of equipment to environmentally safe refrigerants;
  • Completing feasibility studies – including inventories – to phase out HFCs-HCFCs Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) and management of end-of-life HFC/ODS refrigeration and freezing systems at the on- and off-shore fish and seafood processing and servicing enterprises; and,
  • Developing project documentation and implement transfer and commissioning of ozone and climate-safe technologies including capacity-building measures.


The project will contribute to reduce GHGs equal to 380 000 tons of CO2-equivalents. Phase II includes:

  • the purchase, installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of alternative technologies in fishing vessels and on-shore processing facilities;
  • the creation of HFC and HCFC consumption monitoring systems for these enterprises;
  • public awareness activities; and,
  • efforts to promote replication in other regions of the Russian Arctic.
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